Helping Coaches, Trainers and Instructors Take  “Their Classes” To Their Students

You're an instructor, coach or trainer then you are in exactly the right place to find out how you can get your classes online 

why Take Your classes OnLine?

Keeping Your Students Motivated Is Your Biggest Challenge 


Keeping your students engaged with your club outside of your classes is just as important as what happens inside your class. 

Keeping Your Members

Keeping students is every clubs challenge buyy crearting a virtual platform to keep them motivated is what will keep them coming back time and time again 

Continue The Progress

Carry on the training and support outside of your gym or physical class. 

By creating an space onhline for them to carry on learning and practising wi]ll keep them interested and progressing 

Instructing Online

Modernising Your Club To Keep It At The Front 

You may at this point be wondering why you want to take your club online when training face to face is a major part of what you do and how you have always taught your students. 

You are not alone in asking this question, the instructors and trainers from the clubs that we have spoken to that have gone ahead and taken their club online now wonder why they didnt do it years ago . 

Taking your club online is not a replacement for those important face to face training its very much about the added benefits outside of the training room . 

1. Keeping your students enaged outside of the class

2. Creating training that supports what you teach face to face that they can go through at thewir pace.

3. Having a cimmunity area that facilitates real club spirit 

4. Keeping thoose that cant attend still invoved 

And many more reasons

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Change always starts with the first step forward

And that's exactly what we are here for, you are curious, maybe you are starting to think about how you could get your sports club or training business online but not quite sure what it would involve or look like?

Click the button below and book in a brainstorming call with us, If there's a way that makes sense and is commercially viable then we will discover it on our call and set out a firm plan moving forward which always looks different for every business and instructor. 

do we know what we are talking about?

find out what our clients have to say about us 

If you are looking for a mentor who is empathetic and both willing and able to think outside the box you will find the ideal candidate in Kevin. Having a lot of experience in successfully marketing both local and online businesses, Kevin has helped me explore new ways of promoting my own businesses and is not shy about pushing me beyond my comfort zone. Always ready to find the positives when I only see negatives, Kevin is a great asset in my corner.

Crisitna Alciati

Too old To tumble - fitness trainer

Would like say what an amazing job you guys have done. Good work rarely gets appreciated but you guys have done superbly well. The feedback we have had has been amazing

Scott Mallon

Head Sensei - stanford warriors ju-jitsu

I knew I needed to show up online more dynamically but I didn't know where to start.

Figuring out the technology/software is always my biggest challenge.

Sarah and Kevin Arrow genuinely care about the progress their students make. They share great information clearly and in ways that one can follow. Sometimes it's overwhelming for me, but I think that's just me and dealing with all the new systems and ideas

Laura Donnely

dancing with ease

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