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The Benefits of Teaching Your Sport Online

Teach Online


Teaching an online course is a great way to achieve your business goals and build relationships with your athletes. With more people learning online than ever before, this is an increasingly popular option for getting the word out about the value you and your sport offers.

Online Courses Offer Education for Everyone

Anyone anywhere in the world can take an online sports course. You can learn anything, no matter where you live. Since participants don’t have to travel, it’s an easy and low-cost alternative to the traditional classroom. It also provides greater flexibility for students who need to learn on their own time, such as working parents and those in lockdown, quarantine or shift workers.

Any Sport Can Do It

Anyone, from large clubs to entrepreneurs, can offer online sports courses. You have knowledge and expertise that you can teach others to help them overcome a challenge they’re facing and achieve their goals. All you need is some minimal tech and a topic that people are interested in learning about.

Grow Your Audience Through Online Courses

Teaching your own online sports course helps you grow your audience online. When you teach an online course, you share your expertise with other athletes, no matter what their level. This helps to establish you as an expert in your sport and go-to person when people want to know more. Each course will generate interest in your next course, creating a snowball effect.

Earn an Income through Your Courses

Some businesses offer free courses to spread the word about their brand. However, you can charge for participation as well and earn directly. Since there’s low overhead for teaching online courses, you can earn a profit even by charging a small fee to join. Your courses can give you another income stream.

Create Original Content for Marketing

There are many ways you can leverage your online courses and use them for marketing content. You can record the course and release it as an information product or a premium series. You can ask participants for testimonials to post on your site or on social media. Clips from your courses can be repurposed and used as marketing content, such as short videos.

Online Courses Let You Scale

Unlike traditional sports classes, online courses allow you to scale. You could have a handful of participants or a hundred. You’re only limited by the platform you use and the number of people who want to take advantage of the educational opportunity. A course of hundreds requires basically the same resources as a smaller course.

Learn More About Your Audience

Teaching an online course puts you in direct contact with your athletes and this is a valuable opportunity to gather data about them. Through your interactions, they’ll ask questions, express concerns, and leave feedback. You can then use this data to make future courses better suited to them. These insights about your audience can also help you with your other marketing efforts. In other words you can start to charge a premium for your coaching skills!

Integrating Online Teaching into Your Marketing Strategy

This is a tactic that’s easy to integrate into your overall marketing strategy. You can use your course to get people to sign up to your email list, join your membership site, or follow you on social media.

Are you interested in taking your sports classes online? Book a call and see if you’ve got what it takes to own your own online sports academy.

About the author 

Sarah Arrow

Digital marketing training for sports, athletics and martial arts coaches. Mother of elite athletes. Owner of an insane German Shepherd Rescue. Co-founder of the OnlineVisibilityAcademy.com where 2,500 students enroll to master their marketing.

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